What Are Zinc Rich Primers?

At PPC, we don’t settle for average when it comes to any job. We take special care to make sure every project is done to the best of our abilities. From prepping and priming the area to applying the last coat, Team PPC doesn’t cut corners. Furthermore, we want to make sure these paint jobs are going to last well into the foreseeable future and save our client money in the end. One of the best ways to protect an object is by using a primer.

Introducing the Zinc-Rich Primer

When projects involve steel, PPC uses a product called a zinc-rich primer. A Zinc-rich primers is an  epoxy that is applied to pieces of steel to aid in protecting the steel from corrosion. Without a zinc primer, the steel will be exposed for corrosion. Non zinc-based primers simply create a barrier between the steel and the air, but zinc primers use the chemical properties of zinc to protect the metal.

Types of Zinc-Rich Primers

There are two types of Zinc primers:

  • Organic: These types of primers can be applied in a variety of ways including spray, roller, and brush. These are known for protecting the steel a degree less than inorganic zinc-rich primers do.
  • Inorganic: These types of primers are best if they are spray applied and don’t have to have a top coat. They generally provide better protection with no top coat than you’d find with an organic zinc primer without a top coat.

Either one of the two types of zinc-rich primers can have a top coat painted on after the primer has been applied. In fact, having a top coat of paint or another coating increases the protection of the steel. Simple math shows that there is then 2 separate barriers for the steel versus the one primer coat. If the top paint chips or fades, the zinc primer will still protect the steel.

There are special steps to follow before applying a primer to a piece of steel including blasting the steel and applying a salt remover. The members of Team PPC are experts in the field. We know all the correct steps to make sure every job is done correctly the first time and done in a way that will last.

Photo Courtesy of Ebay.