Announcing Project Hot Shots!

Here at PPC, we love a little friendly competition. So this year the Project Hot Shots contest is back!

We want YOU to put your photographer cap on and take the best photos of the projects you’re working on. Use a phone, a camera, a GameBoy, whatever you’d like–just make sure you’re aiming for a good quality picture! The winners of the contest will have their photographs hung in the Washington office as the featured artwork. Bragging rights are at stake!

This is your opportunity to put your photography skills to the test while showing off the awesome work you’ve done this year. Don’t miss your chance.


Team PPC must submit your pictures by November 15th. Be sure to use HDR mode on your phone if you choose to use that as your photo-taking device. To do this, just make sure “HDR” is highlighted in the top left corner when you open your Camera app.

Email your submissions to along with the name of the project featured.

Winners will be announced at the Holiday Party!


Photo courtesy of Pexels by Henry Marsh.