Tips and Tools for Top-of-the-line Teamwork

As you are well aware, here at PPC, we have one of the best teams of any workplace around. We don’t have separate teams like most organizations, we have one, cohesive, fantastic team —a family. Over the years, PPC has implemented some best practices for building a super team, but the following tips and tools can be utilized by any team.

Get in tune with your social sensitivity
The ability to understand the thoughts and feelings of others is technically known as social sensitivity. Our team works so well together because the members have social intelligence. Members can read when someone is upset, struggling, happy, or otherwise. Without this skill, teams tend to be disjointed because they aren’t able to understand what the other members are thinking or feeling.

Keep a mix of Introverts and Extroverts on the team
Variety is the spice of life and the same is true for a team. Having a mix of Introverts and Extroverts on the team is going to provide a wide range of personalities that end up complimenting each other. Extroverts are known to be more explicitly communicative, while introverts are known to be more reserved. When it comes to work tasks, extroverts tend to communicate their skills upfront, while introverts tend to be more timid about their qualifications, so they end up exceeding expectations on the team in time. Mixing the two personality and communicative styles becomes valuable in preventing the team from hitting roadblocks that may arise from extroverts over communicating, or introverts underselling on the job.

Define clear goals that the team shares
With a clearly defined goal, no one on the team is confused. This knowledge of an explicit goal helps everyone to work more efficiently because they understand clearly their individual, supporting roles as they pertain to achieving the mission. The understanding of roles helps the team to maximize effective communication where time could be wasted deciding or arguing about what is next for the team.

Have a good sense of humor
Why did the chicken cross the road? To escape his dull team! The humorous tendencies on our team allows for the mood to be lightened. Humor on a team has also been shown to improve team trust and communication. Research aside, good humor just makes work fun and time fly!

Get out ahead of issues, be a proactive communicator
By proactive communication, we mean communicating about future problems, before they become a problem. It allows for team trust and preparation. When the team speaks up often enough on upcoming issues, the forethought is built into the team, making them more efficient in function. Proactive communication includes offering support or help before a teammate has to ask for it.

Be a strong leader
Strong leaders are extremely valuable and necessary to a team. Strong leaders help nurture the team members’ skills, facilitate effective communication, and maintain team morale. Strong leadership assists in coming up with creative solutions to issues when the team hits a roadblock. Servant leaders jump in with the team, help when support is needed, and work through projects alongside the team. Great leaders also celebrate the team when goals are met and success is reached! When doing this, the team stays encouraged and is motivated to strive for higher standards with the next project.

These tips and tricks are just some of the reasons that make team PPC so stellar! We have a highly-skilled, socially aware,and genuine team of people, and we couldn’t ask for anything more! We appreciate you all!

Photo courtesy of Depositphotos.