Team PPC Wins FCA 2015 Safety Award

ppc wins fca crest 2015 safety awardWe’re happy to announce that Team PPC has won the 2015 CREST Award from FCA International! CREST Award stands for Contractors Recognizing Excellence in Safety Training and was established to award companies who show exemplary safety standards. The CEO of FCA, Anthony Darkangelo, states, “The FCA CREST Awards were created to encourage and recognize contractors who have led an effective safety program throughout the year. CREST Award winners have proven that protecting their employees is a priority at their company, and that they are a leader in construction safety.”

With a long history of high safety standards, safety training requirements, low injury/illness rates, positive EMR trends, and a particular emphasis on putting safety first, PPC has met the CREST Award requirements to be selected as one of the 6 top safety companies in the Painting & Wallcovering industry.

Team PPC Safety Practices

Members of Team PPC know how important safety is when it comes to every project. PPC has various safety measures in place to make sure Team PPC creates the safest jobsites possible. We award safety bonuses as an incentive for excellent safety practices, we require constant safety training, and we have our foremen generate a “Pre-Task-Plan” before every job that outlines any and all potential hazards on the job. These are just some of the safety practices that has helped Team PPC achieve a high safety record, which includes an EMR of just 0.85. You can read more about what the EMR rating shows about PPC’s safety standards here.

Congratulations to Team PPC for making sure the team consistently puts safety first. It’s because of every team member’s care for safety that we all arrive home safely each and every day. It’s also how we were able to win such a prestigious award! Congratulations team and keep it up!