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Celebrating the Holidays with Team PPC

The holiday season is the best time of year to exercise values that truly matter, like family! Penington Painting loves the feeling of family within Team PPC during this time of year. In order to find out more about our team’s holidays, we sent out a quick holiday survey. Thank you to all that responded,… Read more

Common Mistakes We See in the Painting Business

You can learn a lot from the mistakes of others. Some of the more common mistakes we see in our line of work are: 1. Ignoring the Specifications Why would a painter on a commercial job not follow the specifications of the architect?  There is a method to this madness.  On the original job, where… Read more

PPC’s Safety Tied to Experience Modification Rates

Here at Penington Painting Company, safety trumps most things when we’re working on a project. We cherish safety because we know these projects can be dangerous, and it is vital that we take care of our team and clients. In fact, safety is so important to us, we offer bonuses that are awarded where exceptional… Read more

Penington Painting is a Family Affair

Penington Painting Company has always been a business that puts a deep focus on family. Our namesake, the Penington Family, have multiple family members within the organization but the family bonds don’t end there! A little over a year ago,  Darko Sadikovic came to work for PPC and 6 months ago his father Enes joined… Read more