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Do’s and Don’ts of Removing Wallpaper

Although wallpaper might not be as popular today as it was 20 years ago, decorative wallpaper is slowly making a comeback. If you find yourself in the situation of moving into a house with wallpaper or wanting to take down your own wallpaper project, these helpful tips should assist you in this process to ensure… Read more

How Does Winter Weather Affect Painting?

If you have painting tasks that need to be completed, it’s usually a good idea to get those projects done before the winter rolls in. However, sometimes other priorities get in the way and we can’t help but find ourselves painting in the middle of winter. If you find yourself in this situation, or about… Read more

PPC Explains: Cashmere Paint Systems

Here at PPC, we are big fans of Cashmere Paint Systems. We have a large pool of product options and are experts in choosing the correct products for the job. Sometimes, projects call for Cashmere paint when we need to achieve a stipple-free finish. What exactly is cashmere paint? Cashmere Paint System is a product… Read more

Protecting Eyes, Nose, and Lungs from Paint

When painting for any job, it is important to know the dangers of the materials you are using. Paints, primers, sealants, and solvents have hazardous materials that have potential to be extremely dangerous to personal health and the environment. Team PPC runs through several safety procedures to make sure we are performing our safest on… Read more