The Spring 2018 Pantone Color Forecast

Although the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year has yet to be announced, the Spring 2018 Pantone color forecast is here. Pantone considers themselves to be the color experts of the world and describes colors as a language. This devotion to the study of colors has led them to be highly respected and a valuable tool for designers. Over time, Pantone colors have become so influential that even commercial designs and paint colors can be motivated by the color trends Pantone announces each year.

Bright Colors Over Pastels

Pastels have become a popular choice over the past few years but Pantone believes that bright colors will reign supreme in 2018. This change is said to be influenced by our intense, fast-paced lifestyles which are so prevalent in the society we live in today. As the world becomes increasingly competitive, Pantone believes that people will naturally gravitate towards bright, bold colors which is a better representation of this societal shift than pastels. The bright color trend will offer up a lot of opportunity for designers to really make a statement.

Iridescent Colors Continue Into the New Year

Iridescent colors are great at catching people’s attention. They have been in the spotlight in recent years and Pantone believes that this trend will continue into Spring 2018. Not only are they fun and playful, people love to use them as accent colors. Even if they are not the main focus, iridescent colors can help tie a paint job together and make it feel complete.

Neutral Colors Will Make a Splash

We have been talking a lot about iridescent and bright colors, but what about the neutrals? Pantone predicts that people will be using less metallic color options and more neutrals in the coming year. This is great for people who like classic color combinations.


Photo courtesy of Pixabay by Yanns.