Southwest Paints Boeing

We always love seeing companies get creative with their paint projects. Recently, Southwest painted a Boeing 737 and used Disney as their inspiration. The paint job is modeled after Disney and Pixar’s new movie, “Coco” which was released just in time for Thanksgiving.

Just like this speciality aircraft, the new Disney movie is not one to miss and tells the story of an aspiring young musician. The movie takes place in Mexico, which may be one of the reasons Southwest specifically chose “Coco” as the theme of this new aircraft. As a new member of the international airline industry, Southwest may be trying to get the word out through some creative marketing tactics.

The Boeing paint job will consist of a colorful logo and beautiful artwork from “Coco”. Customers of Southwest will be able to enjoy the paint job since the aircraft will be flying to multiple Southwest destinations.

It is wonderful to see the role art plays in the business world today. Colorfully painted planes may become more common as we move into the future and marketing experts start using new methods to increase visibility and sales. Now that Southwest and Boeing have agreed to partner with Disney to promote their international market, it will be interesting to see if Southwest continues to paint their aircrafts with fun color schemes. We sure hope so!

Photo courtesy of Pexels by Josh Sorenson.