Souper Bowl Spotlight: Southwest Division

Congratulations, Team PPC! Together, we were able to make a difference to families in need, through our Souper Bowl Food Drive. Though the winner of the Souper Bowl Food Drive was the Northwest division, right now, we’d like to highlight the efforts of the Southwest division.

souper bowl donations northwestAll items donated by the Southwest team was donated to the Kyrene Family Resource Center. The Kyrene Family Resource Center is a nonprofit piece of the Kyrene School District that helps over 700 individuals a month by supplying monthly emergency food boxes, weekly “weekend food bags,” monthly hygiene supplies, school clothes, and school supplies to children. It is important to note that hygiene supplies are not a resource able to be purchased with food stamps, but they are definitely a necessity of school life for these students in need. Because of donations to the Family Resource Center, over 500 students have access to shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and deodorant that they may not have otherwise. School clothes are a school supply most students take for granted. The Kyrene Family Resource Center recognizes that students in need don’t have access to new school clothes, so they facilitate donations to make sure students receive gently used clothing, which includes: two complete outfits per month (including socks and underwear). Lastly, the Family Resource Center knows students in need can’t perform well in school without appropriate supplies, so they provide students with donated, fully-packed backpacks. Then, they follow up with the families all year round to make sure the students keep a decent supply stock to complete their homework after school hours. With support from the community, they are truly doing great work for these families!

As a company, we are grateful that our team members had the ability and generosity to donate to such a great cause. Because of your gracious hearts, we were able to help families and children who really needed it! As the Kyrene Family Resource Center puts it, “We could never operate without the support of our schools, churches and business’ like yours!” Great job Team PPC!

souper bowl donations northwest

For more information about the Kyrene Family Resource Center, you can visit their website here.

Coming up next–the foundation behind the Northwest team’s drive! Thank you to everyone who participated.