Souper Bowl Spotlight: Northwest Division

Last week, we put a spotlight on the foundation that benefited from the Southwest division’s Souper Bowl Food Drive donations, The Kyrene Family Resource Center. This week, we want to focus on the winner of the Souper Bowl Food Drive: the Northwest division. Congratulations to Team PPC in the North for donating the most goods to the food drive!

PPC’s Contribution Aligns with Northwest Harvest’s Mission

souper bowl donations northwestYour contributions added up to 1087 pounds of food that were delivered to Northwest Harvest. The Northwest Harvest’s goal is, “to provide nutritious food to hungry people statewide in a manner that respects their dignity, while fighting to eliminate hunger.” Oftentimes, it is easy to go through our daily routines without noticing how many families around us are actually going hungry. In fact, one in five kids in Washington suffer from hunger. Northwest Harvest and similar foundations are making important contributions to help families who really need it.

Northwest Harvest provided 34 million pounds of food to families all over Washington. A particularly helpful program they offer is called the Kids Summer Food Club. This program is about to start back up again as kids begin to get out of school for the summer. Usually running from June to August, the program offers meals for families who are too far from other free food sites. It mainly impacts the areas where over 50% of children apply for free or reduced meals during the school year. Once the school year is over, these kids usually go back to struggling to find their next meal because it is not provided like it is when they are in school. As we enter into summertime, we know the awareness of the program will motivate many of you to help if you can.

souper bowl donations northwestAgain, a special thank you to Team PPC for all your contributions, nationwide. We hope you continue the generosity and donate time to either one of the foundations that benefited from your contributions already. For the Northwest division, the Northwest Harvest’s has a fairly new (since 2007) location called the Kent Warehouse. Not far from PPC, it is a great location to donate some time, provide resources, and help distribute food to those who need it most. If you want more information on how to donate or volunteer your time, visit: