Commercial Painting

Penington Painting Company specializes in the application of all architectural coatings and decorative finishes. High Performance Epoxies, “Zero-VOC” Paints and White Board Coatings are just a sampling of what we can professionally install throughout any commercial facility. Our pre-construction input to scheduling and sequencing assists owners and contractors in the achievement of “Zero-Punch-List” quality.

Industrial Painting

Penington Painting Company offers industrial painting services for the preservation of steel structures from corrosion or chemical processes. Structures range from bridges to waste treatment plants to refineries. The process includes the design of complex access and containment solutions, sandblasting,and the installation of protective coatings. Material installations can range from Zinc-Rich Primers to the use of complex “Plural-Component” coatings and equipment.

Restoration Painting

We repair or replace decorative, historic, and commercial exteriors for hotels, resorts, and other large-scale buildings. Systems are restored to their original, like new condition after experiencing damage from moisture or time-based issues.

Commercial Wall Covering

We offer high-end wall covering solutions for office buildings, hotels, and resorts. Our installations typically include fabric, vinyl, tack-able and writable materials, and are available for all interior applications.

Clean-Room Painting

The demands of the Clean Room Construction environment are very stringent. Our clients depend on us to be proactive when design issues evolve and the integrity of the facility could be compromised. We have provided numerous solutions that have improved “Clean Protocol” standards without affecting the schedule.

Secondary Containment Coatings

Safety and quality are our top priorities. We pride ourselves in providing and installing the highest quality containment systems of which can be subject to the most extreme environments. Each system is engineered and installed to withstand the specified chemical exposures and to meet the required containment needs.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

With as little as 10-15 millimeters of paint, our epoxy floor coatings offer protection and chemical resistance as well as beautification. The low to high-gloss coatings are often designed for corridors and hallways and concrete floor restoration.

Coatings Testing & Analysis

Penington Painting Company has three level 3 certified NACE coating inspectors on staff. Our inspectors identify causes of failure and propose solutions for resolution of issues. They also inspect projects to make sure they are installed per specifications for the client.

Signage & Graphics

Penington Painting Company creates and installs original signage and graphics for parking structures, pedestrian walkways, egress striping, traffic control, and more. Our systems include column identification, numbering, and directional signage.

Anti-Graffiti Coating

Our anti-graffiti coatings are the best solution to protect and preserve your structure from vandalism. We work with numerous products and clear coats to provide protection from tagging so that paint will not stick to surfaces and can be easily cleaned.


We use sandblasting techniques to remove failed coatings to return surfaces to like-new condition as well as to prepare new substrates to specification prior to painting. Sandblasting removes existing coatings, contamination, and rust from substrates such as concrete walls, floors, and structural steel to create an anchor profile for optimal adhesion.

Resinous Floor Coatings

Resinous floor coatings provide safe, sanitary, durable, and low-maintenance solutions for food and beverage manufacturers, commercial and industrial projects, chemical processing, healthcare facilities, and hi-tech structures. Our high-performance and cost-effective applications include containment coatings, chemical resistant coatings, and epoxy.