Seahawks Vs. Cardinals Rivalry Finally Laid to Rest?

Well, it’s playoff time. Although the Seahawks and Cardinals rivalry is deep rooted, I think we can all agree there was a clear winner this year: the Arizona Cardinals.

The Seahawks got knocked out of the playoffs last week, with a valiant effort to beat the Panthers, but just falling short. The Panthers won the first half with a lightning start of 31-0. The Seahawks covered some ground with holding the Panthers to their initial 31 points, and then scoring 24 points. However, the Seahawks’ first half was enough to do them in, and they ended up losing the game.

Arizona did in fact lose to the Seahawks the week before last, but it can be argued that the game was a throw away for the Cardinals because they were already guaranteed a second-week playoff game with a bye week the first round of playoffs. The outlook on that game will definitely depend on which fan you ask. Seahawks fans will boast about trampling over the Cardinals when the Cardinals fans will tell you all day how the players were playing conservatively and that game meant nothing.

cardinals and packers

Photo Courtesy of: AZ Central

The week of the Panthers vs. Seahawks game, the Cardinals took on Green Bay to advance into the next round of playoffs. In the game that became an instant classic, the Cardinals beat Green Bay in overtime after Green Bay scored a couple of times with magical Hail Marys. Watch some of the highlights of that game here if you want to get a feel for how crazy that game was.

Sunday, the Cardinals will face the Carolina Panthers for a seat in the big game. While the Cardinals beat out the Seahawks to make it this far, it is a toss up on which team out of this weekend’s game will go onto the most important game of the post-season. The Panthers could potentially stomp all over both rival teams–though we certainly hope they don’t! Even if you’re in Seattle, you should be rooting for your other PPC’s home team this weekend. Go Cardinals!

The rivalry will pick back up in fantastic fashion when Cardinals and Seahawks battle again next season. The endless rivalry circle will never end, and that’s just how we like our football.