Repainting Your House? Paint Your Rooms in This Order!

As the seasons change, many choose this time to repaint their living spaces. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is all you need to make your home feel brand new again! However, beginning the task of repainting can seem quite daunting. Painting your rooms in the following order can make the process more enjoyable and more bearable for all!

  1. Bedrooms and Bathrooms: Getting your bedrooms and/or bathrooms painted right away leaves them open for use when you’re painting other areas of the house. It’s important to have your familiar spaces available for use when the rest of your house is under renovations.
  2. Kitchen: The reason behind painting the kitchen second is similar to the reason behind painting your bedrooms first. The kitchen is also a familiar gathering space. Having the kitchen available for cooking and eating allows you to have this comfort while painting other rooms in the house. Secondly, you want to get the kitchen renovation started and finished quickly so you can store food in the kitchen without it spoiling.
  3. Living Room: The living room is next on the list. If you have your bedroom and kitchen available, it’s not as much of a pain to avoid the living room for a small amount of time while it gets a makeover. However, you do want to do this before the room that gets less use: the laundry room.
  4. Laundry Room: This room is one of the easiest rooms to avoid. Schedule your laundry room painting on a week where you know you won’t have loads of laundry to do. This will make it less painful to live without your laundry room for a bit.
  5. Outdoor Spaces (garage, shed, exterior): You should paint your outdoor spaces last because they see the least amount of use and they are the easiest to avoid during the renovations.

Painting your rooms with this priority list in mind will help make the overall renovation process much easier for everyone involved! The key is to maintain as many home comforts as possible to make sure everyone has their spaces to retreat.