PPC’s Top 5 Uniquely Painted Planes

At PPC, we know how to appreciate a good paint job. From uniquely painted buildings, to custom car paint jobs, Team PPC loves admiring the industry’s top work. Among that top work lies the 5 best airline paint jobs. Though some of us might be in the air often, most of us don’t think about plane paint very often. Nevertheless, there are some awesome plane paint jobs out there, and we want to share some of our favorites with you!

5. Air New Zealand:

air new Zealand airplane paint job

Photo Courtesy of cdn.co.za

It seems like 2011 was the year of competing paint jobs. With Air New Zealand, Qantas, and Eva Air all having unique paint jobs designed for their airlines, it was definitely the year that brought some of our favorite of airline paint jobs. Air New Zealand took a week to paint this Boeing plane, and the outcome was like no other plane at the time. A sleek, clean, custom paint job can transform anything into looking cooler, even a Boeing 777!

4. Eva Air,painted eva air plane a Taiwanese airline, made a special fleet of planes for the anniversary of Hello Kitty in 2011. These planes were some of the cutest, most unique planes in the sky at the time.

bangkok airline paint job

Photo Courtesy of: newswhistle.com




3. Bangkok Airways:

There’s no doubt that this airline that flies directly to Bangkok is one of the most unique planes you can fly in! In fact, their airline is made up of a fleet of planes with several different designs and paint jobs.

qantas airline paint

Photo Courtesy of strangepolice.com

2. Qantas Airline:

Qantas Australian airline started an initiative with their planes’ paint jobs to make all of their aircrafts “flying art.” The plane pictured here is a plane that was painted to reflect the story of ‘Wunala,’ which is an ancient Aboriginal tale. The plane was designed by a team of artists that was made up of both Aboriginals and Non-Aboriginals to reflect traditions of this important Australian heritage.


1. The Arizona Cardinals U.S. Airways plane:

cardinals charter plane

Photo Courtesy of visitingphx.com

The Cardinals and U.S. Airways teamed up for this paint job collaboration. Both have been in the state of Arizona since the 80’s, so they thought it fitting to make this U.S. Airways plane the official charter plane of the team. The plane sports the Cardinals logo in several places, making it hard to miss and easy to admire. Of course, this has to be our favorite painted plane flying today!