PPC Explains: Static Dissipative Coatings

Static dissipative flooring or coatings are very important in most working environments, but especially when chemicals are used or there is electronic equipment.

Put very simply, static dissipative flooring/coating is a special type of flooring or coating that is used to prevent static or electric-charge build up. The coating controls the static charge in the workers and equipment and grounds any potentially harmful charge. For example, if you were to drag your shoes on carpet, it would fill your body with static electricity. Then, you’d transfer that static electricity to the next thing you touch. Static dissipative flooring or coatings would take that static electricity out of your body and send it into the ground. The grounding of the charge eliminates the risk of a person or equipment transferring the charge to the chemicals or electronics, which would damage both. Chemicals can be highly dangerous if sparked by electricity, causing fires, explosions, or worse.

Environments with that have these static safety measures in place are known as EPAs or Electrostatic Protective Areas. Many different materials besides flooring can be used to create an EPA such as:

  • Anti-static floor mats
  • Humidity control measures
  • Static-control uniform gear and footwear
  • Anti-static floor mats
  • Static-safe packing material

lightning strikeOSHA has specific standards for work environments, which leads the determination of which type of flooring is needed in certain environments. PPC never lives on the outside edge of safety. With OSHA standards always in mind, we follow the guidelines, and take extra steps towards safety. Our coatings always follow OSHA standards, 100% of the time.

This is a very brief introduction to the very important concept of static dissipative and static conductive flooring. More specific information can be found at http://www.esda.org/

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia by Fir0002.