PPC Explains: How to Properly Prepare for a Paint Job

When beginning a painting project, proper preparation can help your chances of completing the job successfully. Penington Painting would like to share some brief tips on how to prepare for your paint job. However, keep in mind that these are tips for smaller paint jobs. Larger paint jobs, such as construction projects or building painting require a much more in-depth preparation procedure. These situations would call for more safety checkpoints that don’t necessarily exist in household painting.

Preparing to Paint

  • You’ll first want to clear the area you intend to paint. This means clearing out furniture and other belongings that might hinder your painting.
  • Then, you’ll want to remove all socket covers and switch hardware. This ensures you don’t accidentally paint over them and gives you less to tape.
  • Fill in all holes and cracks that are in the walls.
  • Tape and prime all surfaces before painting. Put tape along any wall or areas you don’t want paint to get on.
  • Then, you can begin painting!

Following these preparation tips will help you have a longer-lasting paint job! Remember that ever painting job, no matter how big or small, calls for extra safety precautions. For example, make sure children and pets aren’t in the painting area to protect them from fumes and ingesting. Maintaining some basic safety measures will help make sure there are no accidents!


Photo courtesy of Pixabay by Artursfoto.

Photo courtesy of Clipground.