PPC Explains: How Anti-Graffiti Coatings Work

Graffiti is a raging problem in the United States. According to greenecoservices.com, LA County spends an average of $30 million a year on graffiti removal. That’s only one county in the entire country. Combine yearly spends like LA County, and you’re looking at hundreds of millions of dollars spent across the country on removing graffiti from buildings, landmarks, tunnels, bridges, and more.

PPC values our clients’ business health. In order to decrease their spend on removing graffiti, PPC prides ourselves on providing an anti-graffiti coating service to protect their businesses from graffiti attacks.

There are three main types of anti-graffiti coatings:

  • a picture of graffiti with no anti graffiti coatingSacrificial Coating: This type of coating is a clear coating applied after the painting of a building. The clear coating protects the paint itself from the attacks of paint, spray paint, and permanent markers. To remove graffiti from a sacrificial coating, the cleaner would either need to use a power washer or a solvent. During the cleaning process, the sacrificial coating is removed along with the graffiti. This coating needs to be reapplied after the graffiti is cleaned off.
  • Semi-Sacrificial Coating: This type of coating is similar to the sacrificial coating: it protects the building paint from being affected by the graffiti, but it comes off partially when cleaned. This coating also needs to be reapplied after cleaning the graffiti off.
  • Permanent Coating: A permanent coating is a clear coating applied to the outside of a building after the paint has been complete. It creates a clear barrier from the paint and the graffiti. This type of coating can be cleaned off with a power washer or simply by hand with a washing. The coating remains on the building after the graffiti is cleaned off.

A permanent anti-graffiti coating allows a business to remove graffiti from their building without needing to spend money on a new paint job or a re-coating of the building. Made out of silicon, this is a weather-resistant, non-stick surface that allows the graffiti to simply be power-washed off or wiped off without removing the coating from the paint, making graffiti cleanup a cost-efficient practice.

While there are many types and brands of anti-graffiti coatings on the market, PPC combines our expertise with the highest quality of products we can use for our clients. Ultimately, we save our clients time and money to help their businesses stay as efficient as possible.

Call us if you are interested in applying an anti-graffiti coating to your building.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia by Brocco.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.