PPC Explains: Cashmere Paint Systems

Here at PPC, we are big fans of Cashmere Paint Systems. We have a large pool of product options and are experts in choosing the correct products for the job. Sometimes, projects call for Cashmere paint when we need to achieve a stipple-free finish.

What exactly is cashmere paint?

Cashmere Paint System is a product offered by Sherwin-Williams that allows any paint job to finish with a smooth look. Instead of the usual roller marks or brush strokes showing up on walls, Cashmere paint allows our painters to achieve a smooth, silky finish on any wall. After a proper Cashmere paint application, walls will be smooth, rich, and lacking stipple.

paint swatches for cashmere paintThere are different types of cashmere paint you can use depending on your desired outcome. Whether you’re painting industrial areas like Penington Painting or just your living room, you will find this paint system is available in a wide variety of colors and different finishes, which include: flat enamel, low lustre*, pearl finish, or medium lustre.

How do you find out which cashmere finish your job will need?

The type of finish you’ll need is simply based on the type of area you’re painting. The finishes are chosen based on the amount of traffic the area will see, the amount of moisture the area is exposed to, and the type of sheen you’re seeking.

  • Flat Enamel is used when you’re seeking to paint an area that receives a low amount of traffic. An example of this area would be a bedroom.
  • Low Lustre finish is good for areas that receive a little bit more traffic than a bedroom, such as a living room.
  • Pearl Finish is great when you’re painting an area that sees a high amount of traffic and possibly moisture, as it will hold up its smoothness with a higher quality.
  • Medium Lustre is the cashmere paint finish that can hold up to the most traffic and moisture. A place where you might want to use this is in your kitchen as it will hold up to scrubbing as well.

Primers and multiple coats will help to achieve a smoother finish as the lustre goes up in your cashmere paint. This means, the higher sheen you’re seeking, the more important it will be to use a primer and to apply multiple coats for a smoother finish. There are many types of paint that achieve a smooth finish, the cashmere paint system is simply a favorite of Penington Painting.

*The spelling of “lustre” is based on Sherwin-Williams description

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia by Iroc8210.