Penington Sponsors Clean & Sober Softball Team

Our valued General Foreman, Larry Marter, is making a huge impact in his community through coaching a softball team made up of recovering addicts and those wishing to live a clean & sober life. We thought it important to congratulate him on his accomplishments and encourage anyone who might be interested to get involved.

Larry Marter clean sober softballLarry has been putting softball teams of this sort together for 26 years. Through Team PPC, he has found more members to support and join his team: the Red Road Rebels. The expanded team allows for a further outreach, which gives more people an opportunity to learn a new, healthy way of living. Once on the team, team members can learn skills and lessons that are going to help them maintain their path to sobriety. Not to mention, the team allows for each member to have a group of peers that understand each other’s struggles and lifts each other up. Penington is proud to have been able to support Larry’s team in any way and encourage the good work he is doing. We are always proud when any member of Team PPC sets out to make their community a better one.

Larry says, “Thank you for all you have done for me and my team. Just like at work, we’re all winners.”

Keep up the honorable work, Larry! We encourage anyone interested to ask Larry about how they can be a part of the Red Road Rebels.