Penington Painting is a Family Affair

Penington Painting Company has always been a business that puts a deep focus on family. Our namesake, the Penington Family, have multiple family members within the organization but the family bonds don’t end there! A little over a year ago,  Darko Sadikovic came to work for PPC and 6 months ago his father Enes joined him on his PPC adventure.

After working under Steve Penington for 14 years Darko made the switch to PPC full-time and shortly after his father joined us. “He was working with me at a different company, and I told him he should join this team. It’s a better company, a bigger opportunity and PPC treats their guys well.”

Team ppcSince then Enes and Darko have been working together on PPC projects. “My father works on almost every single job that I go on.” said Darko. While some may balk at the idea of working with a family member, that’s not the case for Darko and Enes. “It’s amazing you know that work is going to get done. You know that it’s going to be high-quality and that they won’t let you down. Family members always show up on time and perform to the highest of their ability,” said Darko.

This working relationship plays into Darko’s plans for his father. “It’s nice working next to my dad because I always told him that I want him to retire under me,” said Darko. “He’s going to retire soon, he’s probably got about 6 more years left.”

It doesn’t end there! Everyone at PPC is ecstatic that Darko is expecting his first child in April 2016.

“It’s the most amazing thing I have ever experienced, I have never worked for a company like this they take of their guys and it’s more like a family oriented company. They understand if you have to take some time off for your kids.“

We wish Darko and his father all the best as they continue to do outstanding work with the PPC family.