Penington Explains: Cleanroom Painting

One of the coatings Penington Painting Company specializes in is a clean room paint coating. Cleanroom painting is a technical specialty that not every painting company can excel at. We use the latest products and materials that are right for these types of jobs. Before we get into that though, you might be wondering what a cleanroom is.

What is a cleanroom?

cleanroomA cleanroom is a controlled area that is designed specifically to limit and control air pollutants in order to maintain product quality and worker safety. It also is designed to control pressurization, humidity, and temperature. The air pollutants controlled in clean rooms vary from dust, vapors, skin flakes, hair, paper, etc. These types of environments are typically important in research facilities or other facilities where chemicals are used (or manufactured) as they limit contaminants into the products or chemicals. Some of these areas include pharmaceuticals, life sciences, food packaging, and more.

While working in clean-rooms, it is important workers wear approved clean room gear to further reduce contaminants. Clean room gear includes face masks and/or safety glasses, protective jumpsuits, shoe covers, and gloves. These special garments help reduce the risk of human contamination in the clean room.

Penington’s Clean Room painting procedures follow the guidelines for cleanrooms. We work closely with clients to make sure all of our work will meets clean room protocol, using the best materials and products for the job. Our paint products for this type of job usually include paint that is low in VOC’s, precatalyzed, and stain resistant.

Further reading on clean rooms and clean room painting:

Photo courtesy of  Wikipedia by Rudolf Simon.