Painting a Statue of Abraham Lincoln

At Penington, we are not only experts in the painting industry, but we are fans of the painting industry, too! We still get excited over painting industry news, and we wish to support all of our fellow painting companies out there. Because of this, we’d love to share some painting news that comes from our industry colleagues over in Chicago.

Out in Chicago, Axalta Coating Systems—a liquid and powder coating supplier—was chosen to provide the products used in the repainting of Seward Johnson’s “Return Visit”. “Return Visit” is an iconic sculpture of Abraham Lincoln and a man discussing the Gettysburg Address with the man. The message sent by the artist behind this sculpture is that the Gettysburg Address is timeless and can fit into today’s conversations. The statue is owned by the Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc., which is a nonprofit foundation, based in New Jersey, and it was due for a fresh coat.

In order to complete the job, Axalta provided epoxy primers and a low VOC waterborne basecoat. For the outside, or topcoat of the sculpture, Axalta provided Imron Industrial low-gloss clearcoat. This topcoat is famous for its high durability, which should provide the art piece with maximum protection.

This was exciting for us to read and be able to geek-out over some painting products. Read the full story here and check out pictures below!

Art copyrights: The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc. Photo provided by Heather Taylor.

chicago abraham lincoln statue

Photo Courtesy of Chicago Tribune