Painting or Papering?

Adding a new coat of paint or wallpaper can change the feel of a room completely. Making the right decision on color, pattern or texture can make a small room seem big and spacious, or even make a large room seem small and cozy. But making the right decision on paint or paper isn’t always easy. There are three questions you should ask yourself before coming to a decision, and this article will help you find the perfect paper or paint for your home.

Deciding on the Perfect Paint or Wallpaper For Your Home

Asking yourself the following questions will help you decide on the best choice of wallpaper or paint for the room you’re redoing.

What is the style of your home and furniture?

Do you love antiques? Or does your home take on a more modern style? Whether you prefer retro, modern, fancy or conservative, your walls should reflect the style you’re going with. Going with neutral colors will match well with a modern or conservative look, while a bright splash of color like orange might look really great in a retro-themed room. If you want to have a fancy look, consider doing a statement wall in shimmering wallpaper.

What type of walls do you have?

What type of upkeep do you have to have in order to keep your walls clean? Vinyl wall coverings are easy to keep clean from smudges and tiny hand prints. High-quality paints can easily be wiped clean. Darker paint colors can hide dirt and marks easier, and most wallpapers can be wiped off. If your walls seem to get dirty easily, these are things you should take into consideration.

What is your budget?

When considering costs, don’t only take into account the cost of the painting or papering project, but the future maintenance costs as well. Wallpaper may cost more for installation, but it tends to last much longer than paint. Paper can still look great after 15 years, while paint usually looks good for about 3 years. If you like to change up your house quite often, then paint may be the best choice for you. But if you want something thats durable, paper might be your best option.

You don’t have to limit yourself to painting or papering. Accent walls are great features in a home and a combination of the two often look great. Speak to a painting professional who can help you make the right choices for your home and style.

Photo courtesy of Flickr by Thedalogs.