Paint or WallPaper: Which is Best for You?

When deciding between paint or wallpaper, it’s important to consider several factors to make sure that you choose the best fit for you. Look at the current style of your home, your lifestyle, and your budget, so that you can come up with a design plan that works. It’s important to note that if you are stuck deciding between the two, there are options you can take to combine paint and wallpaper.

Consider the Style of Your Home

Determine your design inclinations before deciding on which medium you want to cover your walls with. The current furniture and accessories in your home can help guide you on your path to inspiration. If you prefer a more traditional approach to design, choose a timeless, elegant wallpaper to complement your aesthetic. For a retro, modern look, choose bright paint color options to add a pop of color to the room.

Lifestyle Plays a Role

If you tend to redecorate your home somewhat regularly, paint might be the best option for you since it has to be replaced more often than wallpaper anyways. It is also much simpler and less time-consuming to switch up a paint color than it is to strip wallpaper off the walls.

If you have young children, wallpaper may be your best bet. Many varieties are very easy to wipe off and clean so you don’t have to worry about dirty handprints on the walls.

Come Up With a Budget

No matter what your budget is, both wallpaper and paint can be very cost-effective. However, take into consideration that low-quality paints generally need to have multiple coats and inexpensive wallpaper can be damaged more easily because of its thinness.

Photo courtesy of Flickr by Suzanne Phillips.