Our Culture

We believe achieving excellence starts with listening to the client. When Penington Painting Company was founded in 2004, owner Jerry Penington set out for his company to be the Nordstrom of the painting industry. From the initial contact with the client, through execution and post-project service follow up, Penington Painting Company strives for excellence. As such, when awarded a project, our installation process includes checkpoints to ensure delivery of our client’s needs.

Client satisfaction is only one metric Penington Painting Company considers in its continual effort to achieve excellence. Equally important is our in-house operation. We invest in building a quality team, and have a proven track record with employee retention. The staff of PPC is continually trained and educated so that they are the foremost authority in meeting the most stringent safety and environmental requirements. Unique to our company is an in-house certified NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) specialist, which further lends to our ability in providing excellent work and service. All systems are installed per plans and per specifications.

We value teamwork. No matter the scope or complexity of your project, you can be assured our team of experts will be the winning combination in achieving your goals. As founder Jerry Penington likes to say, “You can’t build it faster than we can paint it.”