Make This Adorable Wooden Snowman!

holiday snowpeople diy craft

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This adorable wooden snowman makes a fantastic family DIY as you’re preparing for the holiday season. Even better, it provides a great way to use up some leftover wood!

We got this DIY from, so we’d like to thank them for the idea!

This project is really as simple as it looks! Gather up all your unused wood. Then, cut discs out of the logs in various lengths. The lengths and thicknesses will depend on your personal preferences for the sizes of your snowpeople! Have some fun and play around with it!

When cutting your logs, make sure you cut a single flat edge into the various discs. This will allow them to stand nicely on each other. Use some good ol’ fashion wood glue to attach the disc sides to each other like below.

Use an old scarf to keep the snowman warm! Don’t forget to add some sticks for arms and decorate the faces if you wish!

This is a great craft to bring the kids into after you have your logs cut.

You can reuse these snowpeople every year and costs just a couple of dollars to make! Perfect for a holiday DIY!