How Long Can You Expect Your Paint to Last?

You’ve spent a lot on your paint job in terms of time and money. After utilizing so many resources, you might be wondering how long your effort will last before you have to do it all again.

How long your paint job will last depends on several factors. The first is whether or not you used a dark paint. Dark paints fade faster than lighter colors, so using a dark paint will shorten the life of your paint job.

paint job lastingNext, the area you’re painting may determine how long the paint will last. If you’re painting an area that is exposed to a lot of sunlight or a lot of wear, the paint might not last as long as an untouched area or an area in the shade. In instances like this, it’s important you’re choosing the right paint type for the job. High gloss paints can stand up to more touching, stains, and wear, which leads us to our next point: quality of paint.

Higher quality paint lends itself to a longer-lasting paint job. If you cut corners by buying paint that is lower quality (cheaper) your paint longevity may suffer the consequences. Always invest in the best tools when doing any project, especially painting.

If you perform all the right steps and know the limitations of every paint job, you should see your paint last 8-10 years. In order to see such longevity, it’s important to have professionals help out along the way. Penington Painting pride ourselves on our quality standards, so contact us if you need assistance with any paint job.

Photo courtesy of Pexels by Kaboompics// Karolina.