The Importance of Stretch and Flex

Stretching and warming up before starting a job can bring you many benefits. Not only does it reduce your risk for injury on the job, but it also promotes a healthy and safe team culture. You wouldn’t participate in a sport or exercise before stretching, so why not stretch before starting your work day? It helps you loosen up, warm your muscles and makes you feel great, too.

Importance of Workplace Stretching

Stretching before work–and even during work–has many benefits.

Preventing Future Injuries

Workplace injuries are common and many problems can arise over time that contribute to them. It’s not always easy to determine what caused an injury but it is easy to prove that stretching and warming up can prevent them. Whether you’re going to be applying wall coverings or sandblasting, stretching can improve your work day by preventing potential injuries.

Building Team Culture

One of the most important parts about implementing stretching at work is what it says to employees. When a business has pre-shift stretching it shows that they care about their employees. It’s a great way to build the team’s culture and to do something that’s health at the start of each day. Stretching allows each team member to prepare their mind and body for the work day ahead. It also follows in line with safety standards, which helps build team culture.

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Making an effort to stretch every day is making an effort to live a healthier life. Your healthy life style may also rub off on your coworkers and promote a healthier work environment. Stretching before a job gets your blood flowing, warms up your muscles and helps prevent future injuries on the job. Plus, it’s good for you! Stretch and flex before starting every job and you’ll be on track to a happier and healthier life.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons by Staff Sgt. Alex Montes.