Importance of Preserving Historical Buildings

In most cities, there are several landmarks that might not be utilized, but simply cannot be replaced. Historical buildings are an asset to the cities they reside in, bringing tourists, adding cultural perspective, and other qualities for the communities they surround. At PPC, we take jobs regarding historical buildings very seriously. We do our part to make sure every aspect of the historical building remains as rich in culture as possible, preserving historical character and adding value for the community. As a PPC specialty, we understand the benefits of preserving these community landmarks. Let’s discuss a few reasons why it is such a vital practice all over the world.

Benefits of Preserving Historical Landmarks

Grants and Tax Credits: When preserving or updating a historical building, those who are updating the building are eligible for certain grants and tax credits through the National Register Historical District. These grants and tax credits can go a long way for helping fund the renovation of the landmark.

Code and Zoning Exceptions: There are also some exemptions from building codes and zoning laws that historical buildings may qualify for. These exemptions include those pertaining to floodplains, height, solar codes, and residential zoning. These loopholes could save a lot of headaches during the updating process.

Saved Resources: Those renovating historical buildings save a plethora of resources by utilizing an existing structure that is rich in character. By not tearing the buildings down and starting from scratch, not only is the company saving money, but they are adding/saving value and creating a source for future income.

Cultural Benefits: Besides financial and code exemption benefits, there are many other benefits that go along with carefully preserving historical buildings. These buildings serve a huge cultural role in the communities they’re in. Not only do they hold keys to the historical culture of the community, but it reminds the community members of where their roots are. Experiencing a historical landmark immediately reminds you of where you came from, where your community once was, and a time previous to the present. Their historical richness also gives the buildings more recognition and serves as a vessel for tourism in communities, which boosts economy that would otherwise be more difficult.

seattle medical center restorationPPC takes historical building renovation very seriously. We always pride ourselves on our high standards of work, but when it comes to this type of project, our standards become increasingly higher. We understand the cultural, financial, and historical significance these buildings hold.



PPC got to flex these preservation muscles when updating the Pacific Medical Center Tower in Seattle, which was originally built in 1932. While preserving character, PPC painted new walls, ceilings and trim, and refinished historical architecture. On top of that, PPC expertly applied intumescent fireproofing. The success of the project reminds us that no job is too intricate for our amazing team!