Holidays Are a Great Time for Factory Shutdown

Have you been putting off your factory maintenance because you’re avoiding the shutdown associated? We have good news: the holidays are the perfect time for your factory shutdown!

factory shutting down for maintenanceWe’re sure you know the importance of performing regular factory maintenance. However, despite the importance, sometimes it’s a real pain to stay current on all maintenance practices. No business owner likes to shut their doors and turn away money. Because companies are often light on employees and low on production during this time of year, the holidays prove to be the perfect time to close down for a few days and perform your regular maintenance. It’s also a good time to check into your building status and see how it’s holding up to the harsh winter elements. We know too well how brutal the winter can be to buildings all over the country!

Necessary Maintenance Tasks:

  • Installing pedestrian sidewalks
  • Cleaning machines
  • Re-apply coatings
  • Sealing windows and doors
  • Filling cement cracks
  • Powerwash

If you need help with any of these services, call Penington Painting Company. We are experts in the industry and specialize in all of these areas! We can help make sure your factory shutdown and maintenance goes smoothly!

Photo courtesy of Pixabay by MichaelGaida.