Fixing Mildew on Paint

mildew on wallpaperDo you have mildew on your paint? This tends to be a common problem, especially in areas where the wall is exposed to moisture and little to no sunlight. Poor paint quality can also make it easier for mildew to present itself. Common locations for mildew on walls are the bathroom and basement. In areas like these, if there is mold present, you’ll notice gray, brown, or black patches on the wall. It is advisable to remove the mold as soon as possible to avoid further spreading or illness.

How to Remove Mildew

Removing mildew is actually easier than one might think. To remove mildew, you should first make sure the patches you’re seeing are mildew. To do this, drop a few drops of bleach on the area. If it disappears, you have mildew on your wall. To remove, mix a solution of one part bleach, three parts water. Then, wearing gloves and eye protection, wash the affected area with the solution. Rinse the area afterwards. Alternatively, you could power-wash the mildew off.

After you have removed the mildew, it is a good idea to repaint your walls/areas with a high-quality primer and paint. This will prevent mildew from infecting the area again. If you’re dealing with wood, it’s especially important to prime.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay by Kayelleallen.