The Coolest Wall Coverings

Statement walls are a great new trend people are adding to their homes to freshen them up. It doesn’t take much more than a fun design or texture on a wall the totally change the look and feel of a room. Since there are so many wall covering trends this season, we want to bring you our favorites. These aren’t your average wallpapers either. Here are the coolest wall coverings.

braided hemp wall coveringBraided Hemp Wall Covering

This trend puts touchable texture into your home. Braided Hemp brings unique materials into a room to really liven up a space. It’s a handmade fabric wall covering that combines renewable hemp fibers with braided paper for some touchable fun. Contemporary treatments like this can get a little tricky when installing, so when in doubt, contact a professional for help.

Wood Veneer Wall Coverings

The rustic and distressed wood look is all the rage, and it’s super easy to get. Wood veneer coverings can give a room that rustic feel you’re looking for without all the hassle of distressing and hanging real wood on the wall. The coverings uses ultra-thin blocks of sunburst-patterned veneer on a paper backing and comes in a full palette of soft colors.

Mother-of-Pearl Wall Coverings

If you want to add a little elegance and shine to a room, mother-of-pearl is the answer. These statement walls have mosaic tiles covered with real squares of mother-of-pearl and can be installed using 18- or 24-inch tiles.

puzzle wall coveringStitched Puzzle Wall Coverings

Stitched puzzle will have all of your guests in awe. This fabric looks like expensive leather, but it’s really just hand-dyed paper and polyester thread. You can even customize the color to match your decor. Stitched puzzle has the ability to really make a wall stand out.

Metallic Wall Coverings

Modern metallics are subtle and can be found in beautiful colors. They are great to use on an accent wall because they add a pop of color and a bit of a shine. The patterns on these types of coverings uses a strong fiber related to the banana plant, abaca, interwoven with metallic thread.

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