Congratulations on 10 Years at PPC, Pat Kichler!

Penington Vice President Pat Kichler celebrated his 10th year at PPC this year! Congratulations Pat! To celebrate Pat, we asked Team PPC to share some of their favorite memories and moments with (or about) Pat, and you all shared some great memories!

Over his 10 years at PPC, Pat has had some great moments like the Mariners playoff game of 1995 with Kevin Ward, golfing at Wildwood in Oregon with Efren Villanueva, and the time when Pat convinced a hotel to give Craig Paris a free suite upgrade while out of town.

pat kichlerThe fun times Pat has shared with everyone at PPC are made better when you know who Pat is, and what a great member of our team he is. When asked about Pat’s best qualities, Steve Penington replied that he is, “easy to talk to, knows his job/trade inside out, and he’s extremely patient.” Knowing his job/trade inside and out lines up with Craig Paris’ favorite trait of Pat, which is that Pat is “the most detail oriented person that I’ve ever met, let alone worked for.” What a compliment! Pat’s attention to detail plays a role in “his ability to address any situation from many different angles to find the best result,” according to Sean Puryear.

Pat, your team loves working with you, learning from you, and hearing your life lessons day-in and day-out. Congratulations on 10 years at PPC! Penington Painting wouldn’t be where we are without you, and we look forward to the next 10 years with you!