Children’s Museum of Phoenix

The Phoenix Children’s Museum recently built the Valley’s most unique sandbox for their museum visitors. The sandbox is filled with unique features: it’s shaped like a snake, has a large sand area in the middle, steps inside for climbing/walking, and a small raised sandbox off to the side of the snake. All of these combine to create a fun, unique sandbox that kids will have a blast building and expressing their imagination in!

Penington Painting Company was thrilled we had the opportunity to be involved with this awesome project. After Jerry and Craig presented the opportunity, our very own Leo Hernandez jumped into action and represented PPC well with painting the sandbox, which turned out great!

Ron Wahler’s wife went out to the event on Saturday at the museum and represented PPC there. She took their grandkids down for a day of exploration in the exhibits and fun in the sun in the ” Move It!” exhibit, along with the snake sandbox.

Check out the Children’s Museum of Phoenix and take some time to let your kids play in the sandbox PPC painted!

Photo courtesy of Si Robins