Andrew Burkhart

Andrew Burkhart is in 5th grade and has cerebral palsy (due to a brain injury).  Andrew is a joy filled boy who works hard to improve his skills.  He is a friend to all and has a hug and a smile for everyone, every day! After many years of MANY doctors not knowing exactly what “it” was (and therefore inaccurately putting his issues under the umbrella diagnosis of “developmental delay”), Andrew was finally diagnosed with cerebral palsy one month before his 4th birthday.

Andrew is making big progress via “alternative” medical treatments.  The only downside is that the insurance industry will not cover any of the treatments that are literally helping Andrew heal.  For the last 7 years, his family has been paying out of pocket for Andrew’s treatments. While the cost is extreme, the treatments have vastly improved Andrew’s life, so his parents continue on this medical path for him.

Andrew’s parents are doing this on the sole salary of Andrew’s father, a local teacher, who has been working 3 teaching jobs all these years to try to earn extra money for his son’s treatments.

More info about Andrew’s inspiring journey to wellness can be found on the family’s blog

The Burkhart family is extremely grateful for any help anyone is willing to offer their son. Thank you!

Pray for Andrew