Common Mistakes of a Subpar Paint Contractor

If you’ve ever dealt with a bad paint contractor, you already know some of the pitfalls of choosing a painting contractor that is inexperienced or has low standards. Hiring a cheap, careless paint contractor can end up costing you more money than you save upfront. Here are some of the common traits of unequipped paint contractors that PPC hears about other contractors often.

Messy Workspace

One of the most common experiences with low-quality paint contractors is that they often leave a mess at the job site. Well-prepared contractors know what it takes to keep the jobsite clean and knows exactly how important this practice is.

Unsafe Conditions

Messy workplaces often lead to unsafe conditions. The workspace should be kept clean at all times in order to maintain safety. Contractors who are not trained on proper safety procedures can lead to big problems for you including insurance claims and possible personal injury lawsuits. Unsafe contractors are usually uninsured (it’s hard to get full coverage insurance when you’re not certified). It’s vital to hire a contractor with the appropriate safety certifications.


improper paint jobMost budget-friendly contractors are cheap because they are inexperienced. While you might find a hidden gem who’s just starting in the industry but has all of the certifications and skills to get the job done, inexperienced contractors can mean big trouble for you. This inexperience can lead to improper paint choices, safety problems, poor performance, and other issues.
Inappropriate paint choices is one of the bigger mistakes an inexperienced paint contractor can make. The use of improper paint will lead to a poor job overall, which will need to be corrected–that means more money from you! Every paint job calls for a certain type of paint. As experts in the industry, Penington Painting knows exactly which paint or coating is best for every condition.

These are just a few of the top problems you can run into when hiring a paint contractor. Make sure to always do your homework when beginning a project requiring a contractor. If all else fails, go with who you know has the certifications and skills. More experience and knowledge is worth the extra budget spend in the end.

Photo Courtesy of Pexels by Pixabay.