Am I Cleaning my Floors Properly?

In any commercial setting, including industrial settings, clean floors mean more than aesthetics and hygiene.  If you have safety lines on your floor, or lines that mark off pedestrian zones, these need to be clearly visible.  The safety of your workers is also improved by a clean, uniform flooring surface that reduces the potential for slipping.

industrial dirty floorIn these high-traffic or high-wear conditions, you need to have a cleaning regimen, and proper equipment to keep the floors clean, markings visible, and any defects easy to spot and address.  Proper selection of equipment and cleaning solutions are key to keeping your floors in good shape.  Getting good advice here will prolong the useful life of your floors, while on the other hand, playing it by ear can shorten it.

In this world of specialization, there are a large number of machines and cleaning compounds to choose from.  Sweepers, scrubbers, buffers, burnishers, “all surface cleaners,” and let’s not forget the lowly vacuum cleaner.  There are an array of those too.  Taking care, up front, to get the right methods, machines and materials lined up, you can extend the performance of your floor considerably, and reduce the lieftime cost of your facility.

But no floor surface lasts forever.  There comes a time when you need to recoat your floors to provide a more uniform, more durable, safer surface.  Or maybe your facility needs to upgrade in order to meet the technical requirements of your customers.  In considering a floor coating for your facility, there are many factors to consider, besides durability.

  • The history of the floor surface: what toppings or coatings have already been applied?
  • Known problems and failures:  moisture, cracking, adhesion, wear, etc.
  • Requirements for abrasion resistance and impact resistance
  • Thermal shock requirements (whether heat or cold)
  • Chemical resistance
  • Anti-slip requirements
  • Electrostatic discharge

Being a coatings company, Penington Painting does apply epoxy and other resinous floor coatings.  Food and beverage manufacturers, semiconductor fabs, chemical processing facilities, healthcare facilities, and other hi-tech facilities projects have all added to our background and experience in this area.  Whether it is in the context of a new facility, or upgrading an existing one, we strive to be your best resource in commercial and industrial floor coatings.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay by Free-Photos.