How to Choose the Right Paint Finish

Whether you’re painting your house or your warehouse, it’s important to choose the right paint for the job. We use so many coatings and paints, it’d be an endless list to try to go through that whole list.  However, we’d like to quickly explain a few of the most common paint finish types to help you decide which paint would be best for your space.

There are 4 main types of paint finishes: high-gloss/semi-gloss, satin finish, eggshell, and flat/matte. Let’s break down what situations each of those would be best used in.

  • High-gloss/semi-gloss: these types of paints have a high sheen, but they are durable and easy to clean. You’d want to use these paints in areas where you know there’ll be messes and high-traffic, as they stand up to scrubbing. One downside to this finish is that it’ll show all flaws in the paint job.
  • paint finish typesSatin finish: these paints are less shiny, but still have quite a sheen. They are also easily cleaned and can stand up to high traffic.
  • Eggshell: this type of paint is not nearly as shiny as high-gloss, but it’s not completely matte either. The finish allows for light cleaning in low traffic areas.
  • Flat/matte: Flat/matte paints provide high color coverage and high color payoff. This is an economical option as you don’t need quite as much paint to cover an area. However, flat paints do not stand up to a lot of scrubbing and are best for areas with low traffic. Flat paint also hides flaws the most out of all the paint finishes.

Penington Painting are experts in the painting industry. We love to share our knowledge and talk about what we love: paint! We hope this article has been helpful, whatever your situation. If you’d like us to assess your space and complete a professional paint job, give us a call.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay by Grzegorz-Skibka.