Check Out Our New Community Page

Team PPC is so excited to share the news with you- our new community page is up! Check it out and take a closer look at the programs we’ve been involved with and the impact Team PPC has had over the last 13 years. Here at Penington Painting Company, we believe strongly in the practice of giving back to the community. We pride ourselves in our employees’ dedication to their community and their selflessness when it comes to donating their time and/or services to bettering their community.

The new community page features photos of Team PPC working to make the community a better place for everyone. There is also a section where you can discover the different programs Team PPC has been involved with.

Team PPC has worked with organizations such as the American Heart Association, the Chandler Fire Department, Chandler Little League, Get Wet For a Vet, the Jerry Stewart Memorial Fund, Kitchell’s Annual Backpack Drive, Red Nose Day, YouthCare, the McCarthy Charity Golf Classic, the City of Phoenix, and so much more.

We are so proud of what Team PPC has already accomplished and cannot wait to continually update the new page as we spend more time giving back to our community. Because together, we can accomplish anything.

Photo courtesy of Pexels by