Celebrating the Holidays with Team PPC

The holiday season is the best time of year to exercise values that truly matter, like family! Penington Painting loves the feeling of family within Team PPC during this time of year. In order to find out more about our team’s holidays, we sent out a quick holiday survey. Thank you to all that responded, the answers were so great, we wanted to take some time to share some of the best ones!

One great thing we found out from the surveys is that Team PPC as a whole puts heavy emphasis on giving throughout the season. Everyone who partook in the survey said giving was far more important than receiving during the holidays. We love that about our generous bunch!

Even though giving is more valuable than receiving on holidays, we all still have our favorite gifts! Kevin Ward loved his Beats wireless headphones. Shawn Elkins’ favorite gift was being able to see his sister. Again this highlights Team PPC’s sense of family. Holiday treats are another gift many receive during this time of year. We asked what some of your favorite holiday treats were and we got some classic answers such as: Annie’s salted caramels, fudge, ham, cheesecake, Christmas cookies, homemade vanilla ice cream, and party appetizers like Summer sausage. YUM!

ppc holiday partyOur team also has some crazy holiday traditions that are fun to hear. We heard about one tradition (not to name names), that involved running a red light on Christmas morning (after coming to a complete stop and verifying traffic is clear, of course). A few of us partake in ornament exchanges, too, which many agree are a great way to keep Christmas memories for years.

The PPC holiday party is one tradition we all truly love As a team, some of our favorite parts of the party include: seeing all the smiling faces, getting to know teammates more, spending time with family, and experiencing the close culture of PPC. Those holiday parties are a blast!

We appreciate all of you. Team PPC wouldn’t be what it is without our hard-working, smiling team members. Thank you all for making 2015 great. As the holidays move behind us and we swiftly move into the new year, let’s set our sights on making 2016 the best year for PPC yet!