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Team PPC Celebrates 4th of July

As you know, we got some awesome new hats and shirts recently to show our love for our country and our Team PPC spirit! You all looked so great in the new apparel, we thought it’d be fun to share the pictures with everyone! Here are some of you celebrating 4th of July in your… Read more

Souper Bowl Spotlight: Northwest Division

Last week, we put a spotlight on the foundation that benefited from the Southwest division’s Souper Bowl Food Drive donations, The Kyrene Family Resource Center. This week, we want to focus on the winner of the Souper Bowl Food Drive: the Northwest division. Congratulations to Team PPC in the North for donating the most goods… Read more

Seahawks Vs. Cardinals Rivalry Finally Laid to Rest?

Well, it’s playoff time. Although the Seahawks and Cardinals rivalry is deep rooted, I think we can all agree there was a clear winner this year: the Arizona Cardinals. The Seahawks got knocked out of the playoffs last week, with a valiant effort to beat the Panthers, but just falling short. The Panthers won the… Read more

PPC’s NFL Civil War: Arizona (PPC Southwest) vs Seattle (PPC Northwest)

In this final week of the season, both PPC local favorite NFL teams the Seattle Seahawks (representing Penington’s Northwest division) will play the Arizona Cardinals (representing Penington’s Southwest division) in a game with some actual playoff ramifications. Both teams have already clinched a spot in the playoffs, but their playoff seedings are still in the… Read more