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Seahawks Vs. Cardinals Rivalry Finally Laid to Rest?

Well, it’s playoff time. Although the Seahawks and Cardinals rivalry is deep rooted, I think we can all agree there was a clear winner this year: the Arizona Cardinals. The Seahawks got knocked out of the playoffs last week, with a valiant effort to beat the Panthers, but just falling short. The Panthers won the… Read more

PPC’s NFL Civil War: Arizona (PPC Southwest) vs Seattle (PPC Northwest)

In this final week of the season, both PPC local favorite NFL teams the Seattle Seahawks (representing Penington’s Northwest division) will play the Arizona Cardinals (representing Penington’s Southwest division) in a game with some actual playoff ramifications. Both teams have already clinched a spot in the playoffs, but their playoff seedings are still in the… Read more

Penington Hits it Out of the Park with Sports Arenas

At Penington Painting Company, we love sports. Not only do we love the thrill of watching a head-to-head matchup, but we have ingrained ourselves into the game itself through our history of painting sports venues. We started this journey by first working on the Oregon State University’s Matthew Knight Arena, home of the Oregon Ducks…. Read more

Chandler Little League Celebrates with Penington

Congratulations to the Chandler National All-Stars, our Chandler Little League All-Star team for finishing FIRST in Arizona District 13 and taking home this glorious banner. As some of you may know, Penington Painting Company has batting cages in our Arizona facilities and throughout the course of the season and the off-season, we were thrilled to… Read more