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The PPC Field Bonus

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” -Helen Keller Teamwork is the foundation of any strong team. It is not something that comes overnight nor easily. A strong team is built from the ground up by a group of individuals that are committed to the same goal. Penington Painting Company… Read more

Southwest Paints Boeing

We always love seeing companies get creative with their paint projects. Recently, Southwest painted a Boeing 737 and used Disney as their inspiration. The paint job is modeled after Disney and Pixar’s new movie, “Coco” which was released just in time for Thanksgiving. Just like this speciality aircraft, the new Disney movie is not one… Read more

Town Gathers to Paint 30 Buildings

When people come together to get things accomplished, the results can be incredible. Locals in Springfield, Missouri decided to volunteer their time and energy to give at least 30 buildings on Commercial Street a brand new coat of paint. This act of kindness is part of a movement called “Paint the Town,” which was originally… Read more

Congratulations on 10 Years at PPC, Pat Kichler!

Penington Vice President Pat Kichler celebrated his 10th year at PPC this year! Congratulations Pat! To celebrate Pat, we asked Team PPC to share some of their favorite memories and moments with (or about) Pat, and you all shared some great memories! Over his 10 years at PPC, Pat has had some great moments like… Read more