Monthly Archives: August 2017

How to Save Your Exteriors from Sun Damage

Nothing is worse than discolored, faded paint caused by damage from the sun. It can cause buildings and homes to look old and worn-out long before their time. Sun damage is a huge problem in areas with hot-weather and arid climates, such as Arizona. Keep your exteriors looking fresh by following these easy tips. Heat:… Read more

Light-Reflective Paint: It’s Real, But Is It Useful?

In the world we live in today, it’s important to explore sustainable, energy-efficient options whenever possible. Discovering simple, innovative ways to easily reduce energy consumption is a great way to create a more sustainable environment and cut costs in the long-run. Consider this, people who live in hot climates tend to purchase white cars instead… Read more

Choosing The Right Painting Contractor

Whether you are looking to paint a single room or an entire building, choosing the right paint contractor for the job is one of the key factors in the planning process. Without the proper knowledge and guidance, it can be difficult to hire a truly experienced contractor who will be able to meet your needs… Read more

Chandler National Little League was on ESPN!

The Chandler National Little League team is fighting hard to win the Little League World Series after winning the Arizona State Championship! To add to the excitement, the team was featured on ESPN last week before the Dodgers and Giants MLB game! We were all so excited to see our local boys on such a… Read more