Monthly Archives: April 2017

PPC’s Safety Tips for Ladder Safety

At PPC we take ladder safety very seriously. Because we rely on ladders so often to do our jobs, we proceed with extra caution before climbing up to start a job. Because ladder safety is so important, we’ve compiled a list of tips every painter should consider no matter how big or small the job. 1…. Read more

Paint Around the World: Arizona’s Turquoise McDonald’s Arch

If you live in Arizona, chances are, you’ve probably made the trip north to the majestic town of Sedona. While you were in Sedona, you might have noticed or dined at the local McDonald’s. While much of Sedona’s McDonald’s is the same: crispy fries, Big Macs, golden chicken nuggets, the most iconic aspect of the… Read more

A Simple Metro Paint Job Causes Uproar

At the end of March, the Metro decided to paint Union Station walls white. While this seems like a trivial piece of news, some of the public was particularly disturbed by this decision. The concerned public argued the concrete walls were part of what made Union Station so great and historic. The concrete walls are… Read more

Photo Share: Intel Bridge in Oregon

Our Vice President, Pat Kichler took this beautiful picture of the Intel Pedestrian Bridge out in Oregon. Penington Painting completed this project a few years back, and we love this shot of the bridge at night. We are excited to share our pride in this finished project with all of you! More about this building:… Read more