Monthly Archives: October 2016

Don’t Forget to Share Your Project Hot Shot Photos!

The deadline is approaching: November 15th! You have just about 2 weeks left to send Victoria Penington your Project Hot Shots photos for our photo competition! The chosen winner will have their photograph displayed in the Washington office. Submit your photos of any past or present project and take your shot at being a famous,… Read more

How to Choose the Right Paint Finish

Whether you’re painting your house or your warehouse, it’s important to choose the right paint for the job. We use so many coatings and paints, it’d be an endless list to try to go through that whole list.  However, we’d like to quickly explain a few of the most common paint finish types to help… Read more

The Many Benefits of Sandblasting

There are many benefits to sandblasting surfaces. As industry specialists, we know how valuable this service can be to our clients. We’d like to share some of the known benefits with you now. Quick and easy cleanup. When we say quick and easy cleanup, we mean both the cleaning of the surface and the cleaning… Read more

Fall Building Maintenance Necessities

As the seasons change, it’s important to make sure your buildings are prepared for the next season beginning. It’s vital to be sure you’re on top of your building maintenance, but the fall and winter seasons can be especially brutal on buildings. Here are three of the most important maintenance tasks you must do to… Read more