Monthly Archives: July 2016

The Many Benefits of Power Washing

Penington Painting is proud to offer power washing! Power washing is using high-pressure water to clean a surface. It sounds easy, but you should leave it to those who do it best. Just take a look at this poor guy on the right, who tried power-washing his deck himself and got distracted by a bug… Read more

Industrial Building Maintenance You Might Have Forgotten About

It’s important to perform regular maintenance on all buildings, but especially industrial buildings. Industrial buildings tend to have more wear and tear than the average, simply due to the nature of the industrial work. Performing regular maintenance on the building is vital in making sure it stays well kept, so it can stand the test… Read more

Heat Safety: What to Wear and Eat in the Heat

The summer is almost halfway over (hang in there, Arizona)! Team PPC is no stranger to hard work, and we know how tough it can be to work outside when the temperatures are above 100 degrees. Team PPC is also no stranger to safety, so we already have a good grasp on how to stay… Read more

Team PPC Celebrates 4th of July

As you know, we got some awesome new hats and shirts recently to show our love for our country and our Team PPC spirit! You all looked so great in the new apparel, we thought it’d be fun to share the pictures with everyone! Here are some of you celebrating 4th of July in your… Read more