Monthly Archives: March 2016

What Are Zinc Rich Primers?

At PPC, we don’t settle for average when it comes to any job. We take special care to make sure every project is done to the best of our abilities. From prepping and priming the area to applying the last coat, Team PPC doesn’t cut corners. Furthermore, we want to make sure these paint jobs… Read more

PPC Explains: How Anti-Graffiti Coatings Work

Graffiti is a raging problem in the United States. According to, LA County spends an average of $30 million a year on graffiti removal. That’s only one county in the entire country. Combine yearly spends like LA County, and you’re looking at hundreds of millions of dollars spent across the country on removing graffiti… Read more

Importance of Preserving Historical Buildings

In most cities, there are several landmarks that might not be utilized, but simply cannot be replaced. Historical buildings are an asset to the cities they reside in, bringing tourists, adding cultural perspective, and other qualities for the communities they surround. At PPC, we take jobs regarding historical buildings very seriously. We do our part… Read more

PPC’s Top 5 Uniquely Painted Planes

At PPC, we know how to appreciate a good paint job. From uniquely painted buildings, to custom car paint jobs, Team PPC loves admiring the industry’s top work. Among that top work lies the 5 best airline paint jobs. Though some of us might be in the air often, most of us don’t think about… Read more