Monthly Archives: February 2016

What is a Level 5 Finish?

The classification of drywall finishes on a 0 to 5 scale is a fairly new development, having only been around since 1991, so there often are discrepancies amongst tradesmen about the definition and interpretation of different finish levels. To be fair, the finish numbers are generally not used in the field, all except one—the smoothest… Read more

Souper Bowl Spotlight: Northwest Division

Last week, we put a spotlight on the foundation that benefited from the Southwest division’s Souper Bowl Food Drive donations, The Kyrene Family Resource Center. This week, we want to focus on the winner of the Souper Bowl Food Drive: the Northwest division. Congratulations to Team PPC in the North for donating the most goods… Read more

Souper Bowl Spotlight: Southwest Division

Congratulations, Team PPC! Together, we were able to make a difference to families in need, through our Souper Bowl Food Drive. Though the winner of the Souper Bowl Food Drive was the Northwest division, right now, we’d like to highlight the efforts of the Southwest division. All items donated by the Southwest team was donated… Read more

Penington Explains: Cleanroom Painting

One of the coatings Penington Painting Company specializes in is a clean room paint coating. Cleanroom painting is a technical specialty that not every painting company can excel at. We use the latest products and materials that are right for these types of jobs. Before we get into that though, you might be wondering what… Read more