Monthly Archives: January 2016

PPC Paints Snake Sandbox for Children’s Museum

The Phoenix Children’s Museum recently built the Valley’s most unique sandbox for their museum visitors. The sandbox is filled with unique features: it’s shaped like a snake, has a large sand area in the middle, steps inside for climbing/walking, and a small raised sandbox off to the side of the snake. All of these combine… Read more

Seahawks Vs. Cardinals Rivalry Finally Laid to Rest?

Well, it’s playoff time. Although the Seahawks and Cardinals rivalry is deep rooted, I think we can all agree there was a clear winner this year: the Arizona Cardinals. The Seahawks got knocked out of the playoffs last week, with a valiant effort to beat the Panthers, but just falling short. The Panthers won the… Read more

Celebrating the Holidays with Team PPC

The holiday season is the best time of year to exercise values that truly matter, like family! Penington Painting loves the feeling of family within Team PPC during this time of year. In order to find out more about our team’s holidays, we sent out a quick holiday survey. Thank you to all that responded,… Read more

PPC Explains: Static Dissipative Coatings

Static dissipative flooring or coatings are very important in most working environments, but especially when chemicals are used or there is electronic equipment. Put very simply, static dissipative flooring/coating is a special type of flooring or coating that is used to prevent static or electric-charge build up. The coating controls the static charge in the workers… Read more